By David Thurin

How to get started on shoulder mobility


@movementbydavid Just four exercises! This is day one Lnk in the place for the full booky. 1 Cross body swings. 2 Chair Dips 3 Bottom range dip hold 4 Box shoulder stretch Try this out and let me know how it feels! Stay Flexy! #movementbyDavid #stayflexy #shouldermobility ♬ original sound - MovementbyDavid



How do you even get started on something?

Like shoulder mobility every day starts with a dynamic exercise, dynamic just means moving.

So the first exercise is 20 cross body flaps. I also like to call that one the flappy bird but that stretches mostly passive.

So next, I do dynamic active stretches like dips active. Just means the muscles are working now after you do just 10 reps.

Here comes the real work: pause in the bottom of your dip. Really feel that stretch, don't go to pain but you're gonna hold it for 30 seconds, then you'll rest and then you'll do another set of 30 seconds. Then you have just two more sets of 30 seconds. This time box shoulder stretch even after that one session, your shoulders are gonna feel pretty good.

But that's just day one.

The book is in my bio and it's free. Good price.

Stay flexy!